This rig is my (William) current personal machine I use at home for gaming and business purposes. I’ve actually been making modifications to this build on and off for over a year now and am pretty happy with its look after the last upgrade.

I went a little fan crazy with this, but it really looks awesome when it’s up and running. The upHere 120mm case fans I have installed are not only affordable, but hold up and perform surprisingly well for not being a big-box brand like Corsair or CoolerMaster.

This case is one I ended up with after going through a couple others that I was never truly happy with. Its sleek form factor and nice clear side panel stood out and it’s incredibly easy to work in when installing the hardware.

In terms of performance this rig is outstanding for a budget build. I’ve got the 500GB SSD pushing Windows 10 like a race car and the 1050ti tackles any title I throw at it with high settings.