This is a build I did for myself (Brent), after downgrading from a larger ATX form factor case that took up a lot of desk space. I had built several other office PCs for one of our business clients with the standard black Thermaltake Core V1 case and really enjoyed the layout and accessibility. Being a fan of white, I snagged the snow edition.

Besides being a complete breeze to build in, the Core V1’s panels are completely detachable on all 4 sides. This means you can put the clear side panel wherever suits you, but for me, it’s the top to see the majority of the hardware. Another great option would be slapping the clear panel on the left side to show off your full-sized graphics card if that’s your gig.

I decided to accent the motherboard with some Corsair Vengeance in white to make things pop a bit more. The PSU pictured is older EVGA I originally installed, but have since put in a Thermaltake 500W.

Keeping things clean in this case is super simple. The front panel pop right off, allowing easy access to the larger 200mm fan up front. There’s even a tray at the bottom under the PSU to slide out for maintenance.

Performance wise, this rig simply eats games for breakfast. And that’s all I’ve gotta say about that.