Business Solutions

Computer Maintenance for your Business

If your business is maintained through a series of computer workstations then it’s no secret that keeping those machines up to par is a top priority. A reliable firewall coupled with an anti-virus solution is a must across the board, and that’s just the fundamentals.

Our business solutions incorporate excellent security with both on-site and remote support options that help to get you up and running if and when things go down.

Installations for your Offices

Moving to a new location or just need your current offices revamped? We can help! We’re experienced in installing the latest CAT6 cable for each workstation internally or externally, depending on your building.

Staying connected is also important, we understand this more than most! Wired and/or wireless networks can be installed and maintained with our business services so that all your computers, phones and tablets are on a safe and secure network.

Business IT Plans that Work for You

Our most popular service contracts are done annually to save your business the most money, but we also provide quarterly plans and even an as-needed basis.

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