Computer Repairs

We Diagnose for Free

If your computer is acting up and you need a professional pair of eyes to troubleshoot your issue, bring it in to us. We don’t charge to diagnose computer problems, unless it takes over 3 hours to address an issue. At which point, we would contact you beforehand to fill you in.

Fast Turnarounds

Most computer repairs shops you visit are notorious for holding a customer’s machine for a several weeks. For standard repairs such as general cleanups and OS re-installations, we can have your computer back to you within 24 hours. If we need to order a specific part for you, you’re welcome to leave your computer with us or we can contact you once it’s delivered to bring your PC back in to complete the repair. Hardware replacements generally take only a couple hours once we have the part in our hand.

Data Backup & Recovery

Whether you’re getting a new computer and need your old pictures and documents backed up or your computer took a dump and you need your precious data salvaged — we’ve got you covered. We carry large capacity USB flash drives for storing your backups as well as external hard drives with even larger capacities.

If your hard drive is severely damaged physically there are still options for getting your data back. We’re partnered with Drive Savers, the industry leader in data recovery. You can bring in your damaged hard drive and we’ll ship it out for you at NO COST. Drive Savers will diagnose your drive and provide a quote to recover your data. Even if you decide you don’t want to invest the money, they’ll ship it back to us for free!

Hardware Repairs

The worst case scenario is that you have a hardware issue. If that’s the case, we can provide a quote for what needs replacing internally before doing any of the work. In some instances the cost of replacement hardware outweighs the price of just buying a brand new machine, in which case we’ll advise you on what makes the most sense financially. We don’t like seeing our customers throw money away.

Approximate Prices of Services

# Service Price
1 OS Re-installations (Drivers, Applications, Setup) $50
2 Data Backup & Recovery $50
3 Complete Builds $100+
4 General Cleanups $50

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